Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So, instead of baby related news, my thoughts today have been totally preoccupied with the TV series House. I saw a post on Facebook that used Hugh Laurie in a political parody (yes, yes I really want to call it a parody - leave me 'lone!) and all I could think of was "Damn. I miss me some House!" Anyone else really, really wish they hadn't cancelled the show? Cause, I totally do. Now, my husband and I have turned into total Big Bang Theory nuts. But we'll leave Sheldon for another post .... "Penny... (knock, knock, knock) Penny... (knock, knock, knock) Penny... (knock, knock, knock)" Anyways, it's Lupus I tell ya! Lupus! It's always Lupus. Or something needing cortocosteroids. Or ... or ... I need House!!


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