Friday, May 31, 2013

Bad Blogger

I was thinking about all of the things I wanted to do today while the coffee was perking and I was taking care of dishes, and I realized, it's been a while since I blogged. Things have been super hectic, super crazy around here. I hardly have time to breathe anymore, much less blog regularly like I had intended. (This all seems very de-ja-vu to me right now.) Well, enough excuses. What has been going on down the street on Holland?

We have finished all of our adoption paperwork - The House of The Good Shepherd (a foster agency that helps with adoptions through our county) is just waiting on a reference to come back and then everything will be completed. Adam and I realized the other day that we have officially entered the waiting stretch of the game, and man is it hard!! Whoever said that the paperwork would be the worst part and that the waiting game would fly by was full of shit ... oh wait. That would be me. Duh.

So how have we been keeping busy, you might ask yourself. Right now, it's been a mish-mash of gardening, keeping the fur-babies well tuckered out, home improvement plans and Weightloss Weekend-ing - which I might add, I feel like I am failing miserably at. The scale refuses to budge in the right direction and my clothes are not getting any bigger. I've recently started calorie counting. I figure I'll drive myself nuts with this for a week or so and see if I can lose a pound or two. If it help's I'll keep slogging through it - if not, well, balls to that too.

On the upside of all of this, I feel like my black thumb is slowly turning green! The pink tulips I planted last year came up in out garden and look absolutely amazing until we had a crazy rainstorm about two weeks ago and pummeled half of them into pulp. I cut the rest of them and put them in a vase with some Soloman Seal, and it looked super pretty on the dining room table for about a week and a half. I even lucked out and the cats didn't try to eat my arrangement!

I'm not fabulous at flower arranging but I do love my flowers!

As I mentioned, we've also been toying with home improvement ideas. (Though I'll use the term improvement lightly!) When we bought our house, a lot of the walls and even the doors were painted this sea-foamy color green, which I kind of liked when we moved in, but is now driving me nuts - which pleases Adam immensely. Not the me going crazy part - just the part where I don't like it anymore, because he never did. We've got some plans to paint it a pretty blue called "Drizzle" by Sherwin Williams, and then rip up the carpeting on the stairs and play around with some tile back splashing on the stair fronts. 

 Smart Home 2013 Foyer 

We've also decided to move my office space down into the basement since there are plans in the *distant* future to finish that space off anyways, and we really want a third functional bedroom, especially for after we adopt. The idea of actually having a room guests (mostly Adam's closest friend, Eddy) can stay in when they visit is still really appealing. The downside right now is I'm having a hard time justifying spending any extra money on the basement when I really just want to save every dime for room decorating when we adopt and our child comes home. Needless to say I was feeling thrifty and kind of nuts not so long ago and convinced my youngest sister she really, really wanted to come help me paint down there and make it a bit more habitable. 

We started out with this...
... Please excuse my painting/crafting mess.

When we bought our house, this was immediately determined to be my new "studio" because there was a demand made on my part when Adam and I first got married - I wanted a kiln. When we were house hunting Adam remembered this and was kind enough to keep pointing out houses that could have a functional studio and room for a kiln in an extra building somewhere else on the property. He wanted a house with a kitchen neither of us were overly attached to so he could decimate it and rebuild it the way he wanted, and I wanted studio space. So I got this bad boy :) It was super darn in the basement because, well, it's a basement. Duh. So Patty and I rummaged around through the paint cans in the basement (gotta be thrifty and reuse what's left over - those dolla's gots to go to a nursery man!) and came up with a brighter color scheme for my studio. Because I'm a bit ecclectic, I didn't really care if it was a mix of color - it just needed to be brighter

And now it is.

We painted the walls a pale shade of buttery yellow and the shelves got something called "Quaint Village Green" that we've been lugging around with us since my first apartment in Ithaca. The built in table got several slaps of white, as did the window you can't really see on the left wall. Patty and I then decided, what the Hell? Here's some glitter - lets make the table sparkle - and blew it all over the white pain while it was still wet. There's not enough that it's crazy obnoxious, but just enough that it makes me crazy happy. To finish off the days worth of work, there was a roll of carpet padding under the basement stairs (Patty insisted it must have a body rolled up inside it when we first moved in) that was unrolled and flattened out in my office studio. I'll have to post some more pictures as we get everything moved downstairs and organized. I've got big plans for this baby!!

On that note, I think that's it for now. I've got some things I need to get done before Patty can be bribed with dinner, popcorn (yay her braces are gone!!) and a Grey's Anatomy marathon in exchanged for her witty sense of humor.

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