Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An exciting day ... hopefully

Today is the day. Not the day, but another day. Today I see two more orthopedics for my shoulder, and the day we actually go in with an idea of the problem. Needless to say, I'm just a little excited. Well, maybe a lot.

If they've actually got it right this time, that means we can fix it. If we can fix it, it means I'll actually be able to hold our kids while they grow up while I'm doing more than sitting on the couch or the floor, because I won't have to worry about my shoulder giving way! For someone like me who has had to hold my Godson like this for the past eight months, this is crazy super exciting!!

I can' tell you how much I'm looking forward to carrying car seats, lifting Baby in and out of the tub and their bed. How much just the simple act of carrying baby into the kitchen to make a bottle seems like an amazing feat right now, and that the idea that maybe one of these two doctors today will be able to fix it before Baby gets here makes me jump straight out of my skin. In a good way, obviously.

Wish me luck!

On a side note, we've got sprouts! More sprouts seemed to have just appeared over night and I'm so excited to show you pictures - I'm trying to hold off though until they're actually peeping through the dirt a bit more than just the very itty bitty rounded tops. But man, we've got sprouts! SPROUTS I tell ya!!

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