Monday, March 18, 2013

Moving Forward

I'm sure many people saw the negative comment that was posted on my blog yesterday. I am sorry to say that I let that person affect me more than I should have - my husband pointed out that if they can be so negative and say such hurtful, untrue things in an effort to hinder our hopes and dreams they don't matter and I don't need this.

I deliberately left the comment there so that people can see what some adoptive parents are up against. Not everyone is as supportive as the people are who have been so kind and generous to help us. Not everyone is as welcoming and accepting of our decision as mine and my husband parents are. Adoptive parents face many challenges, some of which come from people who know no better than to lash out at people who are gifted with amazing things as we have been, and some of which come from pure ignorance about the circumstances surrounding one's choice to adopt.

My husband reminded me in the car last night what an ass I was being by letting these people ruin what should be an amazing and fun path in our lives. He told me if people can't be positive and supportive in our lives, then they don't deserve a place in our children's lives either. He reminded me that there can be no room for negativity or comments like the ones left yesterday in our children's lives, because we are going to do our best to make sure we raise happy and healthy kids. If we allow things like what has been going on these past few days to creep into our lives, they will cause great unhappiness in our children's lives, too.

As I watch my Godson run across my living room in his walker, chasing after Magnus and Zoey's tails and eating his Cherry-Vanilla yogurt puffs, my husbands words are cemented in my mind. I realize if he were my son, not my Godson, and this person had said these things around him, I would never allow them in my home again.

So why should I allow this to affect my family now? Aren't Zoey, Magnus, Spyro and Cynder my family? Isn't my husband my family? Shouldn't I keep the negativity away from them too? Shouldn't they be worth the same protection I would offer my child?

Because of this and the comments we have received over the past few weeks, all comments are subject to approval and moderation. Nothing will appear without prior approval. Negativity has no room in my home, my blog, my life.

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